web development
The Brief

Silvercube’s mission is to build a system that can generate 3D models using AI. The algorithm should be able to transform several views of a 2D drawing to a Zdepth 3D mesh.

Sounds complex? We were tasked with inproving the logo and creating a landing page that would represent the technological mastermind behind the brand yet keep it accessible and minimal. No-frills, let the website be a crisp face or a complex operation.
The Process
As always, using a flexible approach and hands-on experience to add value to the project, we’ve packaged Silvercube’s brand identity for the public’s eye and investor pitches.

Taking in the Xavier’s feedback, we have developed the most suitable visual style that reflects the elegant nature of Silvercube’s brand identity as well as its technological ambition.
Building visual synergy and a style that reflects technological elegance behind the brand
What Xavier, the CEO of Silvercube has to say
"Professionals in their craft! All products were super great with strong attention to details, and overall vibe"
Xavier Rica
CEO & Founder